critical mass

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It was a bit rainy this evening for critical mass in ATL…but plenty warm enough.  maybe only 100 folks showed, but fun was had by all.  there was a casualty however…my trusty lumix snapshot camera slipped out of my hands and was promptly run over by several cars.  fortunately the memory card was fine and I was able to get the images from the ride and from thanksgiving. slp1108_712_b.jpg 

jim watt’s train depot

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I had the pleasure to visit one stop on the piedmont pilgrimage today.  it’s a great HO train setup by jim, malcolm, ron, and tom.  I had never seen a Marklin C track set up before, but it’s pretty sweet.  it represents a 1930s-1950s bohemian forest and mountain range…_lp_8658.jpg 

buddha told a parable in a sutra

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It seems like I have to clean every corner of the studio, file every misplaced paper, move furniture around until its all in a better place, and even paint some walls before I can work on my portfolio and website update.  Some would call it procrastination…I call it letting my brain work in the background while I do some mindless screwing around until its all spills out some frenzied late afternoon in the not to distant future.  The fun part is finding some great old photos, or notes made on long ago forgotten projects.  I’ve also been finding photocopies.  remember when we couldn’t just hit cmd-d to bookmark a page and we had to actually get up out of your chair and make a photocopy of something!  here is a fun one…. 


nice day for a 15k

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What a great day for a run in the fall weather.  It was about 55 and a bit cloudy, windy, and about to rain any second at Serenbe for the good run productions 15k.  It seems the more ominous the conditions the more of an adventure it is.  Of course I didn’t actually run it…just in support mode. slp1108_8431srgb.jpg


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its seems that fall has finally descended upon Atlanta.  its really not obvious considering it was 70 degrees today.  the march of the color on the trees, and the asphalt changing from grey/black to red/yellow is nature’s timekeeper.every morning when I walk in the studio I can’t help but notice the incredible colors reflected on the floor… _lp_6437.jpg

press check

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we send out mailers to market SLP every 4-6 weeks, which means you’ll find me shooting, editing, reviewing designs, dealing with printing, or going over mailing lists at some point during the month.  press checks are always challenging for photographers because the printed page will never look exactly like my proofs or my screen…it’s apples and oranges.  Its just a matter of making decisions about what’s important and what can be sacrificed for the greater good.  some of you will be getting these in your mailbox.  if you do, I ask that you look at it for a minute before filing it in the round bin!  Thanks to patty and wendy at current, inc. and standard press. slp_8285.jpgslp_8289.jpgslp_8290.jpgslp_8307.jpg

vote now…

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more pumpkins

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One nice thing about shorter days is that I don’t have to get up so early or stay out so late to get really interesting light.  Even at 12 noon these days the sun is barely over 40 degrees off the horizon.  This shot was taken at 5:18…. slp1008pumpkins_323.jpg

critical mass

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I had the opportunity to ride critical mass on halloween.  lots of great costumes and great people.  anyone who has any interest in raising awareness on urban cycling come on out on the last friday of the month.  Of course if you have to drive anywhere in midtown or the highlands between 6-8, don’t be in a hurry.