noche de los muertos

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I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since my trip to Pitzcuaro & Janitzio, Mexico to document noche de los muertos.  I’ve always planned on putting all these wonderful images that no one has seen into a book, but life and work has gotten in the way!  a small sampling:





thanks annette

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it was fun shoot this past monday with stylist annette joseph in a great location at the top of the W downtown ATL.  also big thanks to wendy keith morgan joke biagio emily and all the rest!  I finally have time to post some BTS.


the ride journal

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ok…super cool magazine to check out.  a real magazine printed on real paper.  articles you want to read and pictures you want to look at and rip out and tape on your wall. the ride journal.  oh wait they have an online version too….damn.  I ran across it on



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with the right team we’ve built many a great set in studio, but for me there’s nothing like being inspired by a great location: that random shaft of light, the prop in the corner you would have never thought to bring, the limitations that make you work harder for a great shot.  we had a blast of a shoot today with annette joseph styling and wendy lowden art directing.  here’s keith setting up the arrisun 1800 on the 27th floor…and thanks morgan for the hustle this evening.


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check it out….a cool blog I stumbled upon by Bridget Fleming that apparently eveyone else in the world already knows about.  it’s a photographic series capturing cool cats riding their bike from behind, shot on streets below 14th street in New York City.


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what’s it like to perform in from of many thousands of people?  on september 10 an exhibition of photographs shot by Moby opened at the Kopeikin Gallery in LA.  check it out if you’re there….it closes on October 22, 2011.  He’s also got a super cool website which showS where in the world these images were shot.  as I’m not traveling to LA this month I plan to purchase the book and accompanying soundtrack here.  If you want to read more, check out this interview wtih moby by elizabeth avedon.  OK what’s your favorite song by moby?

conversations at bryant park

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further images in my series on the aftermath of conversations at bryant park.  can’t you just feel what these people were talking about by there ‘chair language’?  tell me what you think these people were discussing in the comments, by image number.

nyc again

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more shots from wondering around NYC.

a couple from pastis in the meatpacking district.  great food, great atmosphere.

I’m super into antique mirrors right now

driver for bond no. 9 making deliveries on bleecker street.

all saints window display

occupy wall street

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in case you haven’t heard, protesters, inspired by adbusters, attempted to occupy wall street and have since moved to liberty square/zuccotti park in the financial district.  they’re on day 18. whatever your political leanings you can find out more here.  I’m just glad I live in a place where your right to peaceful assembly exists.  what a fantastic place for the leica M9….this is what it’s built for.  check out more images here.


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wonderings around NYC.  most shot with the leica summicrom-M 35mm f/2 ASPH.

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