rain days? We don’t need no stinking rain days!

June 14, 2012 | Filed Under blatherings, production stills, travel 

keith checking in…

Challenges, problems to solve, solutions…I love them!  and the constant problem solving is what keeps photography production exciting. Normally the issues to solve relate to lighting or logistics. On our most recent out of town job the ‘challenge’ was weather. Near the end of a nine day job, fog and drizzling rain rolled in on us like a wet blanket. We had to reach deep into our bag of tricks in order to get the shots on time and in budget. So it was into the grip truck for every silk we could fly, a little fake sun, and off to the hardware store for tarps and towels. In the end we were all wet and cold, but we got great pictures and didn’t have to alter our schedule much. Things go against plan on shoots, and handling them makes the pride in a good day’s work even greater. Stay tuned for final images sometime soon and see if you can guess which ones were shot in the rain.


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